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(New York, NY - March 14, 2014) -, the leading provider of Facebook app analytics from Mediabistro Inc. (Nasdaq: MBIS), is reporting that King Digital Entertainment has the top three apps on Facebook ranked by Monthly Active Users (MAUs). King has been the most successful developer to leverage the Facebook app ecosystem to build its business across all platforms.

According to, King's most popular game, Candy Crush Saga, is the No. 1 app with over 150 million MAUs. Some have called the developer a one-hit wonder due to its reliance on Candy Crush Saga. However, its Farm Heroes Saga game has rocketed to No. 2 in less than a year. Launched on April 5, 2013, Farm Heroes Saga now has 51 million MAUs. Pet Rescue Saga is No. 3 with 42 million MAUs.

These three games represent 21.48 percent of MAUs in the top 100 apps that is tracking. King has a total of seven apps in the top 100, representing 25.86 percent of the market.

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